Appliance Controls



Appliance Controls
  Danfoss Appliance Controls develops and produces temperature control products for the home appliance and light commercial industries. Our product range is so extensive that we can supply an incredible variety of controls from stock. If we havenít got what you need, we will make it for you.
Our comprehensive product range includes CFC-free electromechanical thermostats for refrigerators and freezers, produced to precise customer specifications, as well as service thermostats for all refrigeration and freezing applications.
Danfoss Appliance Controls is certified in accordance with ISO 9001/ISO 14001 standards, and has production plants in Slovakia and China.
Standard thermostats
Temperature range (differential) from 5K to 20K Differentials (difference between cut-in and cut-out...
Service thermostats (Appliance Controls)
Danfoss Appliance Controls manufactures a comprehensive range of...
ETC 1 series, Electronic Temperature Controls
ETC 1 Series controls the cabinet directly.ETC 1 Series is physically compatible with ...
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